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Slide Lid Wooden Gift Boxes

Slide lid is easy to handle, the lid can slide freely inside the grooves cut on walls. Most of all, slide lid can lock itself, it will not open or drop off easily thus the products inside the box will not drop off to ground either. To convenient open and close box, blind hole or narrow handle will attach to lid.
As customers always have different requirements to boxes, we do not have stock boxes, we only make gift boxes per customers design.
Besides slide lid boxes, there are also lift off lid boxes and hinged lid boxes for selection.

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slide lid wooden box
unfinished wooden gift box with slide lid
paint finish wooden gift box with three drawrs
Flat Lid Box --WGB110
Paulownia,Honey Oak Finish
Unflat Lid Box--WGB111
Basswood, Natural Finish
Vetical Lid Box--WGB112
Paulownia, Honey Oak Finish
new wooden gift box with screen print logo
slide lid wooden gift box in black finish
unfinished square wooden gift box
Wooden Gift Box--WGB113
Basswood, Varnish Finish
Wooden Gift Box--WGB114
Paulownia, Paint Finish
Wooden Gift Box--WGB115
Pine, Natural Finish
slide lid wooden gift box
unfinished wooden gift box with beautiful wood patterns
natural finish wooden gift box with acryl lid
Flat Lid Box --WGB116
Paulownia, Black Finish
Pine Wood Box --WGB117
Pine, Natural Finish
Transparent Lid Box --WGB118
Pine , Natural Finish

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