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Wooden Crafts

Wood crafts are made of beech which is kind of hard wood and grows in cold places. Each part of product sand smooth by hand then paint varnish finish. Each product has its unique wood pattern and can be seen clearly. Wooden crafts are unqiue in design and good looking, they are good choice as presents or for home decoration.

wooden craft boxes

Wooden Crafts--TB1
Made of birch
Varnish finish
Size 8.6x5.5x4 inch

wood craft box
Wooden Crafts--TB2
Made of birch
Varnish finish
Size 4.3x4.3x6 inch
wood craft boxes

Wooden Crafts--TB3
Made of birch
Varnish finish
Size 3x5x5 inch

wooden craft box
Wooden Crafts--TB4
Made of birch
Varnish finish
Size 3x5x6.7 inch